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Reeds OMS

We digitised a reed manufacturer's order tracking and workflow management system from manual paperwork and spreadsheets.


Confidential (Does not wish to disclose), India.

Scope and duties

Our task involved creating an application catering to two distinct user groups: office administrators, responsible for initiating and overseeing the work orders, and production staff, tasked with referencing priorities, working on orders, and updating their statuses.

A notable challenge emerged with the production staff, as they lacked prior experience with technology and had never interacted with a computer before. To address this, we prioritised a user interface (UI) design with minimalism, ensuring ease of viewing even from a distance, akin to being displayed on a television screen. Additionally, we aimed for an approachable UI to prevent any feelings of being overwhelmed during app interaction. This strategic design choice deterred the staff from reverting to their old-fashioned methods involving paper and pencils.

One of the complexities we encountered was the variability in workflows, influenced by factors such as the type of reed (Flat or Airjet) and the nature of the order (New or Service). To navigate this, we constructed workflows from the ground up, implementing custom states with predefined steps. Amid development, the client introduced state changes in two workflows. Fortunately, our design allowed flexibility in adding or removing states at any juncture, ensuring that this adjustment did not impede the project's timely delivery.

Project duration

Our project initiation involved dedicating a week to understanding and documenting the client's workflow. We designed a UI mockup in the subsequent week and presented it to the client for review and approval. Following this, we delved into the development phase, finally submitting the application for User Acceptance Testing (UAT) within three weeks. The entire project journey, from ideation to deployment, concluded within seven weeks.

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