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LyricFront is a specialised website tailored for expat Indian Christians. It offers a collection of regional Christian songs (including Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, etc.) transliterated into English, catering to non-native speakers. The platform also enables users to compile these songs into worship sets and share them with fellow church-goers.


Emmanuel Produxions Inc., USA.

Scope and duties

Our involvement encompassed a comprehensive range of tasks, including requirements gathering, analysis, UI design, solution design, API development (for mobile apps), overall system development, rigorous testing, and final deployment.

Tech stack

We employed Django, Django REST framework, and a PostgreSQL database in Docker containers to power the platform.

Challenges and solutions

To accommodate both web and mobile clients, we confronted a few challenges:

  1. Eliminating the need for duplicative business logic across the website and APIs.
  2. Implementing token-based authentication alongside session-based authentication.
  3. Ensuring each song and worship set possessed a unique auto-generated URL.

Abstracting the core business logic into dedicated use-case classes allowed us to plug them into web and API views. We adopted the Django-rest-Knox package for streamlined token authentication, minimising the need for extensive configuration. Additionally, we assigned universally unique identifiers (UUIDs) to songs and sets, guaranteeing distinct URLs for each.

Key features

Early on in the project, we identified two critical factors:

  1. A significant portion of our target audience fell within the age range of 11-20 and above 45.
  2. The church choir would be key users if we provided chord notation.

To address these considerations, we designed a user interface (UI) that would resonate with teenagers, older individuals, and musicians alike. We used regular and light fonts for the younger audience and bold fonts for other age groups. We also let users toggle the display of chord notations above each line.

Project duration

We embarked on this project during its early conceptualisation phase and dedicated six months to meticulously developing and refining it before the final handover.


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