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TyreFinder Sitemap

Magesh Ravi on May 25, 2022

I had a look at three heavy-vehicle tyre manufacturer's websites - Mitas, BKT and Yokohama OHT. I'll use data from the Mitas website for building this application. I noticed some of their tyres not displaying ply rating information. I'll probably drop them from my dataset.

Here is the high-level sitemap of the demo website I will be building. Please note that the actual number of sub-pages will be much higher after I complete development.


Here is the page hierarchy based on the above sitemap.

Sector listing/sectors/Browse sectors
Machinery listing/sectors/<sector>/Browse machinery by sector
Machinery detail/sectors/<sector>/machinery/<machinery>/Browse tyres by sector & machinery
Application listing/applications/Browse applications
Application detail/applications/<application>/Browse tyres by application
TyreFinder/tyres/Search landing page. Tyre listing page.
TyreFinder results/tyres/Search results
Tyre detail/tyres/<tyre>/
Careers/careers/Careers home page
Job detail/careers/<job>/Details about a job opening
About us/pages/about-us/
Contact us/pages/contact-us/
Cookie policy/pages/cookie-policy/
Privacy policy/pages/privacy-policy/

The next obvious step for me is UI design. I'll share a draft UI style guide and a mockup for the tyre-detail page in my next blog post.