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Dockerise a Django application - Part 4

Learn how to containerise your application and set up the Visual Studio Code editor for development.

Dockerise a Django application - Part 3

Learn how to abstract deployment-specific settings into ENV vars based on the 12-factor principle.

Dockerise a Django application - Part 2

Learn about the must-have third-party Django apps and VS Code settings we use at Webinative.

Dockerise a Django application - Part 1

Learn how we set up and Dockerise every new Django project at Webinative.

Document your UI designs using a style guide

Learn what a style guide is and how to create one to document your UI designs & decisions.

Translate your app idea into software requirements

Learn how to write user stories - the building blocks of software requirements with simple examples.

Install Docker and docker-compose

Learn how to install Docker CE and the super-handy docker compose plugin on your Linux OS.

Install NodeJS and Yarn

Learn how to install NodeJS and Yarn on your Linux OS.

Setting up Python virtual environments

Learn how to isolate your Python projects' dependencies using virtual environments.